Buy Local 2day is a locally family owned advertising magazine.  We provide an affordable effective adverising service for the local businesses in our and your community and abroad.  Buy Local 2Day  Ad Magazine bring our community businesses and local neighborhoods together, to strengthen our local economy.

By using BUY LOCAL 2DAY advertising magazine, you will reach local consumers at their email boxes, homes, favorite restaurants, doctor’s office, super markets, social clubs, health clubs, beauty shops, meeting halls, entertainment events and many other high traffic areas.  BUY LOCAL 2DAY advertising magazine is accepted where most other advertising magazines are not. We do this at an incredible low cost per ad.

When buying local you save on money, time, gas and receive quality products, services and great personalized customer service, while meeting wonderful people waiting to serve you.

Buy local and help keep your dollars in your community, doing so, this will continue to help build and maintain a strong local community. To Advertise Your Business, Product or Service in Buylocal 2Day Monthly Ad Magazine, or if you would like to have copies available in your business location, please contact us by the 7th of each month.

The sooner you contact us, the better your chances are to get the best ad spots, not a problem we can always add you to our waiting list.  Contact Us Today!