ATTN: Local Business Owner & Local Neighbors

Did you know that 108 million consumers reported shopping or dining at local independently-owned businesses last Small Business Saturday®?

Dear Local Business Neighbor,

We would like to invite you to join our Advertising Campaign to support local small businesses in your community, by getting listed on also by advertising in our local community advertising publication or by using other media services that we provide, this will keep your business in constant connection with your local community and abroad.

By using advertising publications and services, you will reach local consumers at their homes, favorite restaurants, doctor’s office, super markets, social clubs, health clubs, beauty shops, meeting halls, entertainment events and many other high traffic areas and popular places, advertising publications are accepted where most other advertising publication are not.

Our goal and #1 priority at advertising publications and media services is to gain support from your local community for the local business in that community, our second priority is to do this at an incredible low cost per ad according to services provided, will help keep your local consumer dollars in your community, strengthening your business and the local economy.

By using advertising services and strategic distribution channels you will gain exposure for your business that you would not believe! advertising services include but not limited to; Mobile Device Advertising (laptops, note pads, cellular phones,smart devices and apple devices)Flyer Creation & Distribution, Door Hangers, Newspaper Inserts, Discount Coupon Booklets, Mass Mailings and Local Newspaper Ad Placement.  Advertising Publications and Media Services is backed by EMPIRE NOLIMIT,LLC a full service firm that act as a Marketing Department for small businesses and positions itself as an indispensable partner. A firm that knows “the only expensive advertising is the advertising that doesn’t work” and the #1 reason small businesses fail is, LACK OF SALES bottom line! 

Select your plan now! and get found.

Contact Us, We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


BL2DY Team Management